Web development is like the backbone of the website. It is all about how the website works and how the potential customers are able to navigate through it. Web programming is also known as web development which includes the dynamic web applications. It uses various web languages and tools to develop the design and functionality of a website.

Choosing a right Web development company makes a lot of difference. It helps to increase relevant search traffic to websites and makes sure it works wonders for your business. When it comes to innovation and creativity, Orange Soft is considered as the best Website Development Company in Bengaluru, India.

Focused on the broader objective of your business growth, our services involve few steps. We discuss, plan and understand your business needs to develop the most apt site and hence, we are known as the best website designing company in Bengaluru.

Our web development services include everything from a simple content website to the most complex E-commerce website. Orange Soft specializes in custom website development services, including website design and development and web maintenance services.Our web development agency specializes in executing projects with 100% accuracy & perfectly matching your business requirements.

Our web development company uses technologies like PHP, ASP.Net,Java, web developers build easy-to-use and convenient applications to manage your company documentation, processes and workflows. We have a dedicated development team just to focus on the front-end development which includes, HTML5, Javascript, Responsive Web, etc.

Website Designing Services
The challenging task of designing a website requires in-depth exploration of the business domain. Various aspects like company logo, colors, and images are carefully chosen and incorporated to make the organization stand out on web. Therefore, look for the best web design company in India for your business.

UI/UX Services
UI design is known for User Interface while UX is referred to as the user experience. User experience is what makes you visit a site for the first time. It persuades users to explore the website a bit deeper. The user interface mainly denotes to how the user gets into interaction with your website by using navigation bar and buttons. So you must be mindful to choose the best web development company in India.

Website Development Services
Gone are the days when you get your website developed and it used to work for years! In the competitive web spaces, web development has become a continuous process. It takes exhaustive efforts of the web design and development companies coupled with client communication to develop a website that is multi-functional, dynamic and user-friendly.